Samen met ATG Europe brengen we techniek naar een hoger niveau!

About ATG Europe

ATG Europe is market leader in providing specialized engineering, scientific and technical services to Europe’s Aerospace, High Tech, Energy and Offshore industry.

ATG People – Brightest Minds
Exceptional engineering talent is hard to find, recruiting them even harder. We have a unique method to continuously map and recruit the brightest minds worldwide. We keep them close through our talent hubs, we know exactly where they are located, what motivates them and how to reach them. We provide this excellence to our excellence centers, but also to customers who recognize that competitive advantage starts with the right people.

ATG Medialab
World class technical visualization, true to life visuals and animations that surpass ‘Pixar quality’
Medialabs graphic output dominates Europe’s Aerospace and High Tech visual communication. Understanding the technical complexity in detail, combined with a strong feel and talent for design is the key to our success. But the visuals can speak for themselves:

ATG Projects
High-end thermal, structural and flow engineering services provided to European high-tech industries
ATG Projects provides high-end thermal, structural and flow engineering services to European High-Tech industries. We are involved in research and development programs focusing on composites and their application in the Aerospace, Semiconductor and Maritime industry. By combining a research level expertise with a down-to-earth problem solving approach, we are able to offer innovative solutions to complex issues on time, within budget.

Using the high quality standards we already meet for over 15 years in the Aerospace industry and the experience in design, analysis and optimization we have built up, we support our customers throughout the whole development process, from the early stages of conceptual design up to and including full qualification and certification of the product.

ATG People – Sourcing solutions of highly educated engineers
ATG Projects – Inhouse engineering projects, focused on thermal engineering, structural engineering and CFD
ATG Medialab – Highly advanced visualisation of technologically complex subjects

Neemt deel aan Holland Instrumentation, omdat…

Holland Instrumentation is branche overstijgend, regionaal en technisch georiënteerd en brengt bedrijven, opleidings- en onderzoekinstituten samen. ATG Europe draagt als supplier van engineerings-, scientific en technische diensten voor Europa’s Aerospace, High Tech, Energy en Offshore industrieën hier graag aan bij. Door samenwerking kunnen wij grenzen overschrijden, inspelen op nieuwe ontwikkelingen om – nu nog meer dan ooit – samen de Nederlands High Tech instrumentatie industrie versterken.

ATG Europe

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